GSC Milan 1999 Results Service

GSC Milan 1999 Results Service


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Saturday January 2017

It’s been a while since we have won with loses at Beith and Hillwood after a long break and with no settled team due to work, the growing injury list, and having to play the guys in different positions impacting on the of consistency in the last few months. It hasn’t been easy, but with the excuses out of the way 🙂

on the positive side we have had to move players about quite a lot to back-fill the spaces and some have shone in those areas with Matt winning more than his share of headers in midfield and CP covering at centre back having success in there too!

There have been some really consistent players – Elliot, the 2 Callums, Matt and Sam spring right to mind and in the last few games all have impressed.

The cup game today against Maryhill brought out some examples of the effort and hard work as again we ran out of subs but the boys on the pitch worked hard, played through their pain ( i’m thinking Luke here ) and the injuries and in the end were unlucky not to get more out of the game as they gave Maryhill what they thought was going to be an easy victory a scary last 10 minutes with a long range strike from Connor giving a fightling chance late on and on the back of Callum Young’s free kick which was worthy of Match of the Day and his long range strike minutes before that I thought was as good as i would see today! at long last the shooting practice comes to the fruition 🙂

we may not being winning at the minute but if you try,  and you fail, if in that failing you learn then you learn what is needed to bring success.

hang in there

we may go behind but it is then that you can see the desire and the passion come though, we are learning. the next stage won’t be far away.

fromthe coaches and team we wish Ewan a speedy recovery to his fracture so he is back and can help us (and his school).


Saturday 3rd December 2016

GSC Milan 99 vs Eastwood Juveniles FC Rovers 1998

Good game for the neutral, Eastwood taking the opportunities and taking the lead as we gave away some simple goals again. But the best part of the game is that the team didn’t give up and kept going and really pleased with the subs when they came on in the 2nd half.With 2 goals from Ruraidh and 1 each from Matt and Brian bringing it back to 4-4 at one point we looked the more likely to win at that stage. but Eastwood again took the chances and highlighting that we have still some things to work on like reacting to the second ball and coordination as a team when pressing but we are on the right track.

Overall a good performance, Luke gets Man of the Match for his midfield efforts although everyone worked hard. Just patiently waiting now for the next game as it looks like the increase in effort will pay off as I think we are still improving.

Saturday 12/11/2016 Cowan Park

Arthurlie 98s 6 Milan 0

After a good start to the game and opportunities to score, it was simply on the break that Arthurlie’s finishing that was the difference.

Every time they broke they scored.

Although the score was a bad one, individually the guys done well, but nothing broke our way, chances weren’t taken and we as someone said we couldn’t buy a goal at the moment.

However the focus needs to be on working together as a team and all the boys working as a unit, we had too many situations where the thinking was that’s my job done – rather than that’s the job done now what can I do to help.

so remembering that Rome wasn’t built in and day and Milan is second in size to Rome so there is some building work left to do there!


Man of the match today for me was Matt, ran his socks off and done everything that was asked of him.

Heads up and lets go again next week.

Saturday 5th November

Norwood Pavilion

Milan 0 Glenvale 4

Cold start to the day in many ways…

After a good positive start to the game we lost a poor goal and as a team just got poorer after that with Glenvale scoring 3 in the first half giving us too much to do.

Glenvale were not in top form either but they did play with a higher intensity and had some good set plays which we were very naive in reacting to and created a few good chances from that the also had a nice plan for turning defence into attack which worked well on a few occasions for them as well.

But  after our good start and the goal we then sat back and let Glenvale come to us until well into the second half when after going to 3 at the back when we did improve and managed to get a few attacks going together and a few attempts on target managed to lift the spirits slightly.

Good to see CP back and he gets MOTM for his contributions today.

Hopefully now as the boys return to fitness and the almost the full squad is now available we will start to see results improve.


Saturday 29th October

Eastwood High School

St Cadoc’s  7  Milan 2

As a team, probably our poorest display of the season especially the 1st half as our work rate really let us down.

After such a good fightback last week, we just didn’t look to compete at all this week which left areas of the park that St Cadoc’s could dominate, and did to their advantage. Man for man St Cadoc’s pretty much outplayed and outperformed us for most of the game. It probably didn’t help as we moved the team around to try and get a foot in the game so hands up to that and apologies to the boys we had to move to accommodate that.

On the positive side there were some bright spots especially the 2nd half and there were some good individual performances. So for next week we need to look to build on that and try and look to get back to winning ways.


Saturday 23rd October

Updates running a little behind with the holiday season so apologies for that.

Last week we had a cup game against Parkmoor at Hamilton Palace. Not a good day for us as we got beat by a very good team who played with a high tempo and some lovely football which could be applauded, only downside was that Ruaridh’s goal wasn’t given after such a lovely strike.

But this week it was a far better matched game against Maryhill where the game could have gone any way and had some really good individual battles across the pitch.

Maryhill twice took the lead when the chances whee presented with very quick front line, but the Milan boys came back both times and as the game went on in the end it could easily have gone either way.

In Summary a really good game and some positive comments on the game itself from both sets of supporters who enjoyed the spectacle. No complaints this week about the ref who had a good shift in the game as well.


Saturday 8th October Johnstone

Arthurlie 99s 1 Milan 3

really nice day for football and really good result as the fixture historically has usually been a bit tighter.

A really good start to the game saw us take the lead with a header from the corner from Callum and then a wonder strike from Brian from about 30 yards out flew into the top left hand corner of the goal and after that it was time for the defence to step up as Arthurlie piled on the pressure.

The back 4 stood firm and weathered the pressure with Johnny and Sam having a great game backed up by Michael and Cammy.

Some nice examples of breaking from the back today with one effort in particular being almost the best goal of the season so far – but it wasn’t to be 🙂

Overall really pleased with the effort today, some really good goals, solid defending and midfield putting in a really good shift as well.  Both goal keepers dealt well with the pressure and no complaints with the performance there either.

Saturday 17th September Seedhill

Glenvale 4 Milan 2

Good result for Glenvale on paper but it was a lot closer than the score suggests.

In the 1st half Glenvale took the chances that were gifted so credit there, we took the lead but then we gifted them a penalty and then after that watched the ball drop in the box between the players with no-one moving to it other than the Glenvale striker – although to be fair it did come in out of the sun.

Both goalkeepers had some brilliant saves to keep their teams in the contest and in the 2nd half after a good start we fell asleep once more and a simple ball through and Glenvale punished us to take a 3-1 lead.

After that we dominated long periods of the half and brought it back to 3-2 and and in the last minute as we pushed to get the equaliser a quick Glenvale counter attack led to their 4th  goal.

3-2 and going to get the point or 4-2 at that point in the game was the decision to push and get something and the big point to take is that the boys worked to the end and with only one outfield sub they worked hard and we were delighted with the effort shown.

a massive difference in the referee this week – happy with his performance 🙂


Saturday 10th September Norwood

GSC Milan 1 Hillwood 2


well – delay in writing the report this week as I thought I didn’t want to write it up after the game as I was still annoyed and might not be objective but 3 days down the line I am calmer.

It was an excellent game I thought, Hillwood played well and we played really well, the pitch was excellent, the weather was good and so you think wants to get annoyed about.

The game was ruined by some very inconsistent refereeing – a wrong decision in the sending off with a red card, at most it should have been yellow, but there were decisions that could have warranted the same on the other side as well and that was the thing the ruined the game for me.


But other than that the football itself was really good with some excellent performances, some great saves, some nice passing moves and the defending this week was much improved over recent performances – overall  I was really pleased with the performance.

lets hope for the same in the next game!



30th August 2016 Norwood

GSC Milan 3 Arthurlie 5

No match report for this game but looks like we are leaking goals – something to think about !!

28th August 2016 Braehead

Harmony Row 3 Milan 1

This was a lesson in pressing today with Harmony Row always pressing hard and fast and we just couldn’t deal with it with too many hurried and miss hit passes abounding on a bumpy pitch.

In the first half we were completely over run in midfield with Harmony Row playing 3 at the back so we sacrificed a striker to bolster the midfield just to try and get a foot in the game. With that change we did get a bit better in the 2nd half but being 3-0 down it was always going to be a struggle, however we did plug away with a brave goal from Sam and a couple of attempts hitting the woodwork but it was a fair result with Harmony Row deserving the victory but a bit of a wake up call and we will need to improve on Tuesday.

23rd August Toryglen

Rutherglen Glencairn 5 Milan 0

first defeat of the season – not good!!


20th August 2016 Norwood 3

GSC Milan 4 Arthurlie 3

Pitches are still holding up well despite the rain over the last few days which is great.

Another good result today as we did it the hard way again!

A good start saw us have the majority of chances to score but it was Arthurlie who took their chances to lead 3-1 at the end of the first half.

However we didn’t lose heart and kept on pressing and in the end it was goals from Robbie and Brian swung the game our way.

Good game to watch and which could have gone either way.

16th August 2016 Norwood 3

GSC Milan 2 Harmony Row 2

Good come back from all reports with Goals from Mitch and Matt making it even, sounds like it could have went either way with both teams missing opportunities to clinch it.

13th August 2016 Norwood 3 dry day but stiff breeze from the Cartha end

First Home game against Maryhill at Norwood ended up a one man show with Mitch scoring a hat trick in the first half  Some lovely one two lay offs for the goals delighting the spectators and coaches.

Maryhill worked hard in the second half using the wind and pressing forward which left us defending most of the 2nd half

Game ended 5-1 with Mitch scoring 3 and Jack and Callum nabbing 1 each.

Pre Season Over thnakfully.

Milan vs Erskine with a 3 -1 win, followed by a home defeat to Drumchapel.

Both good games to watch for the neutral with some nice passing football.

GSC Tournament 5 games played over the weekend,

Results wise it didn’t look great but it gave us a chance to see all the boys play and see how they moulded.

With 5 subs played in each game we were never going to get a stable team but there are some positions that did showcase what players did link well together.

Final preseason game against Eastwood Juveniles Tuesday 9th 7pm KO at Norwood 1 was a good showing from Eastwood ending up easy 6-1 winners







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