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All of our classes focus on physical development (gross-motor and fine-motor skills), cognitive development (thoughts, reasoning, imagination, problem solving and decision-making), and social-emotional development (friendship, trust, bonding, confidence, pride and humour). This is evident in our practices, games and excellent coaching throughout our programme.
Our aim is to not only develop technical football skills but to make sure every class promotes positive experiences that creates well-rounded children who are confident, full of self-worth and think outside the box.
“Experience is the chief architect of the Brain” (Perry, 2002)
Physical Development occurs through the direct avenue of football activities and games. We focus on children’s gross-motor development (running, skipping, jumping, hopping) and fine-motor development (small touches, skills, turns, balance and co-ordination). Both forms of physical development are interlinked and will be evident in all classes.
Cognitive Development is evident in our classes through their imagination (going on the Adventure). We all know a child’s imagination is a powerful tool and we let it loose in our adventure classes where problem-solving and decision making occur through the different adventure scenarios.
Social-Emotional Development in our classes foster an environment of positivity which allows confidence, trust and pride to grow. It creates a sense of self-worth and self-esteem which helps to develop positive relationships. This sense of self-worth and confidence can be transferable and improve other aspects of the child’s life including interacting with peers in nursery and positive behaviour.
We have 3 classes on a Saturday morning at Woodfarm High School, G46 7HG:
9am – 10am
10am – 11am
11am – 12noon
We also have 2 classes during the week. They run on a Wednesday evening at Muirend Indoor Pavillion, G44 3HQ:
5pm – 6pm
6pm – 7pm
Holiday Camps 
We run holiday camps for any child between 3-5 years in the October, Easter and Summer Holidays.
Here are some pictures from our successful Summer 2016…
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If you would like more information or to book one of these classes please contact Ryan: