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Gift Aid Declaration Request

Dear Parent/Guardian, Firstly can we thank you for your continued support of our club and players. We are, if you are not aware, a registered charity and as such this allows certain privileges. A key privilege is that we are able to collect gift aid from the monies collected from each member player that has tax paying

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Athlete’s Foot

As part of Giffnock Soccer Centre’s support for all aspects of a young person’s health, we have partnered with a company to assist in the prevention and recovery of one of the most uncomfortable rashes that can occur. Please read the article below taken from the NHS website then find out

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Healthy Eyes No.2

Protect yourself with Perfect Vision at Mearns Opticians When taking part in most sports, having good vision will enhance your performance and enjoyment of the activity. For those who need to wear prescription lenses, they may feel nervous wearing their every-day glasses during physical activity, for fear of damaging them

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