Clearwater – Business Club 50 Partner


At Clearwater we are firmly established as one of the UK’s leading waste management providers,
offering an impressive range of waste management services and solutions to local authorities,
heavy industry and commercial businesses.

Known for our expertise, excellence in service and for working in partnership with clients, our aim is to offer a seamless, quality service that reduces the impact of waste on the environment and the local community. Clearwater promotes minimisation, reuse and recycling wherever and whenever possible.

The waste management industry in the UK has undergone many changes in the past decade. Increasing regulation has been introduced with the ultimate aim of reducing the UK’s traditional reliance on landfill disposal. Clearwater is at the forefront of meeting these industry challenges, and we’re committed to the principle of sustainable waste management.

With offices across the UK, we provide services to the major towns and cities across England and Scotland such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, London, Nottingham, Newcastle, Derby, Bristol, Leeds and York.

Head Office: Boden St, Glasgow

Tel: 0141 554 1200