Club Sponsor – Miller Joinery & Shopfitting Ltd

Joinery and Shop fitting Specialists, you are in good hands with Miller Joinery and Shopfitting. Able to bring innovation and an abundance of skill to every job you are guaranteed to be delighted with our work. Miller Joinery and Shopfitting can also do complete design and fit of all by projects by working with John Kane Architectural Services

All types of Joinery work from custom doors with door frames, bespoke desks and organised closets. Custom furniture of any type e.g desks, tables, chairs, bookcases, shelving units and much more.

Shop fitting for restaurants, stores, travel agents, clothing shops etc. Miller Joinery brings its unique design ability to your shop fitting needs, making the most of the space you have. With a keen eye for detail and excellent work ethic Miller Joinery will make sure every job is done to a high standard.

With a dedicated work force Miller Joinery & Shopfitting take pride in producing the best work possible for every project whether it be a small house project or a complete shop or pub revamp.

Miller Joinery & Shopfitting will ensure all your joinery needs are met with stunning results. For a free quotation or for more information please to call us on 0141 887 6633 or 07973922256 .