Disability / ASN Football

Football for Adults and Children / Youth with Disability or Additional Support Needs (ASN)

At Giffnock Soccer Centre we have always had a policy of inclusion in terms of supporting football for all.

Enthusiasm and a desire to play the game have always been the only requirement and talent then further nurtured and developed for those who can move on to play in leagues and competitions.

Within East Renfrewshire there already exists footballing opportunities for those with disability or additional needs who need enhanced support to engage in sport.

However we were aware that at the club we had the potential to support players with Disability / ASN …..

  • Who could cope with near mainstream football coaching / training
  • Who wished to and were able to engage in competition (adults, 16+)
  • Who could join in and integrate with others of same or similar age at our Academy (children and youth).

Giffnock United – (Adult) Age 16+

The squad train on Monday evenings from 7.20pm – 8.40pm at our club training / playing base, Eastwood Park, Giffnock.

The team currently play in the SFA Pan-Disability National League.

We seek male and female players for this squad – see contact details and related link.

If you are interested please click the link below to have a look at our ‘Giffnock United Welcome Handbook’ that was created by our current squad.

Giffnock United Welcome Handbook-v3

Contact Details

Graeme Campbell

Email:  giffnockscasn@gmail.com

Soccer Academy – (Children and Youth)

We have a policy of integration, similar to that which exists within schools in East Renfrewshire. Children are integrated into the mainstream group within our highly popular Saturday morning, Soccer Academy. Sessions run between 9am – 1 pm

P1, P2 – 9am – 10am
P3- P4 –10am-11am
P5, P6 & P7  – 11am -12pm
Super 7s 12pm – 1pm

If you would be able to play with your age group peers (or as near as possible) and could manage to independently join in with drills and coaching in groups, in what is a mainstream setting (our Academy), then please get in touch. We have a support coach that assists with players’ needs throughout the session. – see contact details and related link.

Female players (Age 16+)

We would initially look to include female players in our Giffnock United squad (as noted above) but would then look to increase the number of females players to a level where we can develop a ladies team who can also play in competition and league football (such as the National League – pan disability).

As before, please get in touch – see contact details.


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