ECRAD Supporting orphan care in Malawi

ECRAD Scotland was established in 2000 and is a charity which works together with ECRAD Malawi to implement a programme of improvements to alleviate the suffering and deprivation brought about by the HIV/Aids virus. Since HIV was discovered in the early 1980’s the majority of those dying with this disease are young adults with young families. The orphaned children in the villages in Malawi have insufficient food and care, resulting in a high mortality rate. Ecrad funds the daily feeding programme of one nutritious meal for 400 orphans at the Zioya Orphan Centre, Ntcheu, Malawi. These children are aged 3-15 years old.

Ecrad Scotland also ensures continued funding to run an adjoining Primary school, the farming of 2 acres of irrigated land for crops and the rearing of pigs and poultry for selling. They regularly hold Sports fixtures and educate on HIV/Aids.

With the provision of sportswear from Giffnock Soccer Centre, the children will have a new top and shorts for daily wear. They usually only have one or 2 tops that last them until they are too ragged to continue to wear. These tops will allow them to change more frequently during the week. One boy that has been supplied new clothes in the past didn’t want to put his new clothes on because his current top wasn’t torn enough to replaced!

The children will also keep a team’s worth of shorts and tops to allow them to play in uniform at the soccer games and tournaments. This is a rarity for them but enables them to play with so much pride.
The winters in Malawi can actually be cold for the Malawians and they usually wear a hoodie or a jacket, so outerwear is also always welcome.

The water bottles will be a fantastic addition to the children and teachers at Ecrad. Ecrad has provided 2 bore wells for the Zioya Orphan Centre and surrounding communities, so the children will be able to have their own water carrier rather than recycled plastic bottles that are not easy to clean and can lead to disease.

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