Gift Aid Declaration Request

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Firstly can we thank you for your continued support of our club and players.

We are, if you are not aware, a registered charity and as such this allows certain privileges.

A key privilege is that we are able to collect gift aid from the monies collected from each member player that has tax paying parents or guardians.

The club have rolled out this process and will require everyone willing, to action the request to claim back tax against these monies. This will have no cost to any individual but potentially significant positive impact for our club just by completing a form. As a charity we cannot sit on profits and any increased income goes straight back into improving the club.

We are not able to claim tax against the full amount paid but a significant proportion that will make a huge difference to the finance received by our club.

This allows us to plan better for the future and try to improve all aspects of our club, for the players and families.

We have taken expert advice and exact details will be included in the forthcoming communications as it all has to be processed correctly and with the correct terminology to comply with legislation and HMRC

Please help us by completing this process as quickly as you can when you receive it to allow our club to benefit from the generated income.

Yours Sincerely
Jim Docherty
Giffnock SC Chairman


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