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Axis specialises in the interior fit-out of both industrial storage facilities and office interiors. From design to delivery, we work closely with our customers to create outstanding workplaces that contribute to success and business growth.

So, whether you are interested in making the most of your business-critical storage space or are focused on creating office areas where staff can excel, Axis can help you make the most of your facilities.

Celebrating 30 years as an interior and industrial fit-out contractor

Axis was founded in 1984 as a storage equipment distributor and grew quickly in the early years, diversifying into office interiors. The business grew rapidly in the 1990s, capitalising on the burgeoning electronics sector in Scotland, supporting key customers like Motorola, IBM and Compaq.

Prudent financial management and reinvestment of previous years’ profits have enabled us to emerge from the worst of the downturn with a strong balance sheet. Today Axis is growing once again, with significant new projects under way and more opportunities on the horizon. Our reputation as an interior and industrial fit-out contractor is growing all the time.

Striving for excellence

Right at the heart of everything we do at Axis, you will find the pursuit of excellence. It influences every aspect of our business, including, most importantly, the quality of service we offer to our customers.

Our management system is accredited to the ISO9001:2008 quality standard, but we do not believe that it is all down to the process. It’s the attitude, commitment and dedication of individuals, their ability to work as a team and their passion for achieving the highest possible standards that really makes the difference.