Giffnock SC Player Development

All new Primary age children will join the club via the Academy which is the pathway into teams.

P1 – The Academy will put a maximum of 2 teams of players into ERSDA from March, during their P1 year. (Approx 12 players in teams.)

P2 – From August, these numbers will be increased to 4 teams of players. (Approx 24 players in teams) From March, a further increase to 6 teams. (Approx 36 players in teams)

P3 – From August, an increase to a total of 7 teams. From March, an additional team will be added to make 8 teams. (Approx 48 players in teams)

P4 – From August, additional players will be added (Approx 54 players in teams) During the year, further players players will be added as they progress, into 5 a side, to a Club maximum of 60 players in teams.

All teams P1 – P4 will be mixed ability teams.

Teams in P5 – P7 will be continually assessed & streamed by the coaches at each age group, with changes to teams twice per season. This ensures players are familiar with other players & understand that teams from P5 onward, are subject to reviews & changes.

At the P5 – P7 age groups, some teams will be introduced to the PJDYFL, while others will remain in ERSDA.

On reaching competitive 11s football in S1, each age group at the club will run 3 squads. The Performance Squad (Giffnock SC “Year”) and two development squads. (Giffnock SC RED “Year” & Giffnock SC Black “Year”)

Players not selected for the competitive 11s squads, will transition to the Sunday 7s programme.

Again, squads & players will be continually assessed & streamed by the coaches at each age group, with movement between the squads.

The Academy also run The Miss Messi sessions for girls age 5-8 years old. From there, girls will then progress through the U9, U11, U13, U15 & U17 squads.

Each age group will be run by Coaches (Min Level 1.3 qualified) Support Coaches & Coach Helpers, looking after everything required to run an age group:- Coaching, Kit, Finance, Admin, Festival Support & Committee Representation.

The most qualified coaches at each age group will have the final decision on football matters. The philosophy is that coaches do not have teams, but coach whatever players they may have at any given time, that makes up that team.


I trust the above clarifies the Club policy on footballing matters.

Kind Regards, Craig Inglis (Club Chairman)

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